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Human resource management is the most time consuming and important part of running a small to mid-sized business. Harbor America provides award-winning HR Solutions by providing a professional team of HR experts at your disposal.

Harbor America HR Solutions include:

Employee Onboarding

New hires require a lot of paperwork and a lot of time. Our electronic onboarding system and your dedicated Harbor America HR expert will help get your new employees onboard and making you money! This includes collecting all the necessary tax documents and employment verification, eVerify (as required).

Rules and regulations regarding wage and hour laws change regularly. Our team of HR experts here at Harbor America stay on top of these ever-changing rules so you stay current and compliant.

Regulatory Compliance

Much like Wage and Hour laws, Regulatory Compliance laws can be complicated, confusing, and constantly changing. We stay current in these changes in industry standards so your business is ahead of the game.

Unemployment Claims

Employees come and go, and sometimes when they go, they still want to be paid. Managing Unemployment Claims requires the knowledge of an HR expert, which is why Harbor America offers consulting for these situations when they arise. 

Employee Handbook Development

Understanding best practices in all areas of your business often requires ongoing employee training. Our experts at Harbor America can help you develop employee handbooks that help you onboard, train, and provide continuing education to all your employees.

HR Bridge

When you choose to add HR Bridge to your services, you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited Consulting. 
  • HR Audit to identify compliance gaps in your business then establish a monthly meeting to execute strategic plan.
  • Full access to an industry-leading online portal loaded with comprehensive HR tools and resources.
  • Free quarterly Harassment Prevention Training designed specifically for supervisors.
  • Complete learning center that includes articles, webcasts, On-Demand Training and more.
  • HR-Mobile App provides you smart phone access to the content of the HR support center. 
  • Receive HR Snapshot, which is the latest in HR trends and topics in easy-to-read terms, right in your email inbox.
  • Unlimited phone support to walk you through the most complicated situations, state-by-state.
  • Compliance audit on existing handbook.
  • Access to HR related Federal and State laws.
  • Access to custom job descriptions and HR documents ready to be tailored to your organization.

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