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Oil Field Service

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Our company has been using Harbor America for the past 3 years and we have been very pleased. I did not do the initial meeting with our sales associates about switching from our current payroll company to them, they met with my dad. However, I was the one that would be dealing with them since I was in charge of payroll and all other employee operations. Not going to lie, I was a little hesitant at first because I was comfortable with our current company and had the process down to a “T”. Now, I am glad we switched to Harbor America.

They have always made you feel like a part of their “family.” At the beginning there were a few glitches and hiccups, but our sales associates would come by the office and ask about the issues and they would resolve them in a timely manner. They are also always good about dropping by, calling, or emailing to check on our company and make sure everything is going well and are always asking if there is anything they can do to help. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

I also deal with many of the other employees at Harbor America and also have been very pleased with them. The payroll processing division is always quick to get the invoices back to you and always has payroll dropped off on time. The safety rep is another one that is always coming by and checking on us and making sure we have everything we need to assure safety for our company and our employers. It’s just a great all around company and team to work with and we have been extremely happy and pleased, and plan to use Harbor America and stay part of their “family” for a long time.

B. Easterling

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Commercial A/C Manufacturing

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Harbor America has been our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for more than seven years. Harbor America was recommended to us by another company that occupied the same building at our previous location in Houston, Texas. Their recommendation came with high praises in regards to exceptional customer service and products at an affordable price. With each year, Harbor America has exceeded all of our expectations and continues to provide the support, knowledge and service that allows our company to succeed and obtain our goals.

Harbor America has maintained a continuous rapport with us as a client and keeps us current and apprised of changing policies, coverages, and services. In actuality, they alleviate the need for additional employees that would be needed for our small manufacturing firm. Harbor America handles all of the payroll issues and taxes, they provide safety training, services and inspections, they comply with and resolve and Worker’s Compensation issues that may arise, they provide guidelines and recommendation for hiring employees, and they provide administrative duties that are invaluable to our small company.

Each of the employees at Harbor America are very responsive and knowledgeable. Our dedicated payroll processor makes my job easier by establishing a routine that works like clockwork and makes any changes with ease. Our Safety Representative assists in our safety program by suggesting and helping us to identify and implement safety procedures and guidelines. If I have any questions or issues related to our workers, the HR staff is available and responsive. I can truly say that each of the Harbor America employees that I have dealt with is very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They all have exceptional customer service skills.

Our sales associate is very attentive, knowledgeable and responsive. He goes the extra mile in maintaining client relations and is sincere in providing the support and expertise that our company needs. He has been an invaluable part of Harbor America. He is very responsive and attentive. One phone call and he is on top of our problem with a solution soon to follow.

Harbor America has truly been an asset to our company, from their ability to allow the payroll process to run smoothly to assisting with any problems or issues that arise in a very responsive manner.

J. Dillon
Office Manager

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Inspection Services

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We have been using the services of Harbor America for approximately 5 ½ years. Harbor America primarily provides us workers’ compensation, payroll and tax administration service, and claims management. Our sales associates are helpful, fun to work with and respond when needed. Our company knows we can call on them to assist us in answering a question or provide the necessary follow-up as needed.

We appreciate all the Harbor America employees that are involved with our employment/administrative activities. One of our primary goals in which Harbor continues to excel is providing pre-employment verification and maintaining our payroll and tax administration services accurately and in a timely manner. Harbor PEO employees interact primarily with our office manager. From my discussion with her, they are interactive, friendly, easy to work with, and continue to be punctual in getting our payroll to our office in a timely manner by use of FedEx. We appreciate our sales associate’s efforts as well as everyone at Harbor America.

Thanks again,
D. Jenkins

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The reason that we originally signed up with a PEO was so the office personnel could focus on billing, logistics and office management and not get bogged down with workers’ comp. and payroll issues.

We were pleasantly surprised at the extra services that were provided to us. The amount of time and money we have saved since utilizing Harbor for these services has no doubt aided us in being both successful and profitable – and was quite a surprise!

The employees at Harbor America are very responsive and professional at all times. Anytime there is a problem, phone calls and emails are returned in a very rapid time frame.

Our sales associates are the most professional and dedicated individuals that our company has the pleasure to do business with. They represent their firm well. It is always a pleasure to see them walk through the door for their visits, always attentive and ready to tackle any concerns we have.

Thank you Harbor America for being there for us in good times and bad!!!!

H & W. Smith

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Iron Product Manufacturing

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We have utilized Harbor America for our payroll, medical and dental insurance, safety and workers’ compensation insurance for a little over a year and a half now. Prior to us utilizing Harbor America, we spent countless hours every week doing payroll, handling payroll issues, enrolling/changing employee health/dental benefits, initializing workers’ compensation claims, responding to unemployment claims and conducting safety meetings.

The most surprising benefit we received from utilizing Harbor America was how easy our transition was as well as how much time we saved. Prior to us utilizing Harbor America, we were reaching a point where we were going to have to hire another Human Resources Assistant just to keep up with payroll and health/dental insurance requirements. Not only did we not have to add another employee to handle those items but we were also able to free up several hours per week for our Office Manager who was doing all workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. Anytime we have questions from either our employees or ourselves Harbor is extremely easy to contact and we almost always receive instant results.

Our sales associates not only were here for our transition but they continue to follow up periodically to ensure that we are receiving the level of customer satisfaction they personally guarantee. We are proud to say that we utilize Harbor America for these services. As a small company who just recently employed over 50 employees, it is hard to imagine not having Harbor America to handle these services for us. The amount of time and money we have saved since utilizing Harbor for these services has no doubt aided us in being both successful and profitable. Harbor America is a vital resource to our company. Their expertise and professionalism have helped us succeed now and we are sure it will continue to help us grow in the future.

Respectfully yours,
Vice President