Time & Attendance

Simple and affordable

Let us help you recognize the cost and savings that are associated with a reliable time and attendance solution. Our solution will help cut labor cost, reduce administrative and timekeeping errors, and protect your business in the case of a labor audit or labor dispute.

  • Affordable and cost effective
  • ACA report generator
  • No more re-keying errors
  • Video Presentation for on-line interface:

Biometric print reader

A robust system that uses biometrics to provide reliable biometric scans each time. This biometric reader eliminates the costly expense of "buddy punching" that occur when using a card reader that uses cards, fobs, or a PIN entry system. The savings add up quickly. Click here to see the savings.

TimeSimplicity – employee scheduling at your fingertip

  • Company-wide visibility
  • Reduces labor costs by eliminating over-scheduling
  • Labor shortages are seen before a crisis
  • Sample screenshots found here
  • Video Presentation:

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TimeWorks Mobile

With TimeWorks Mobile:

  • Supervisors can:
    • Clock in/out crews
    • Approve time cards
    • Approve vacation requests
    • View hours worked during a pay period
    • View GPS location where punches are made from

  • Employees can:
    • Clock in/out
    • Submit vacation requests
    • View hours work

  • Web Clock:
    • Internet-based option allowing employees to clock in or out or to view their timecard.

  • Video Presentation:

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