SAFE Client Portal

Secure Alternate File Exchange (SAFE) is a web-based solution that enables you, our client, to download and upload documents between the client location and the corporate offices at Harbor America with complete assurance that confidential files remain confidential. SAFE is a 100% secure method for transmitting confidential files across the Internet that contains information such as social security numbers, payroll data or any other files that demand a secure method of transmission. The SAFE website protects data transmission by enabling SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) transmission that encrypts data before being transmitted over the internet. Files( as large as 50MB) may be transmitted to and from Harbor America utilizing a simple to use drag and drop.


SAFE is home to the Harbor America Secure On-site Payroll Processing tool. Through special software, the payroll check files are securely delivered to the client system to print on their MICR-compatible printers.

Resource Center and Public Documents Downloads

The Resource Center is where clients have access to the latest news from Harbor America regarding holiday schedules and other events. Service links are available along with e-mail contact information.

Public documents are readily available, and tailored to each client's setup. English and Spanish version documents are available for most forms and brochures.

Back-to-Work Program

SAFE is also home to the Harbor America Back-to-Work program; a benefit available only to Harbor America clients. This database is searchable and contains workers who are presently unemployed, allowing you to quickly find the right employee.

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