Medical Coverage

The Affordable Care Act has made managing and offering health benefits for employees much more complex, but Harbor can make it simple and convenient for you and your employees.

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Over 125 health and ancillary benefit carriers nationwide, including national and regional carriers such as, Anthem Blue Cross, State specific Blue Cross/Shield, Kaiser, United Health, Aetna, Humana and CIGNA.

Fully insured plans
  • Small employer (under 50 employees)
  • Large employer (51+ employees)
Types of plan designs
  • ACA compliant group health tier plans
Voluntary/Ancillary Plans
  • Life
  • Dental
  • Other voluntary benefits
Pre-tax (tax advantaged) Benefit Accounts
  • HSA
  • FSA
  • HRA


Customized, Employer Self-Funded Plans (self-funding/fully insured hybrid and fully self-funded plans)

  • Partial self-funding plans (26 to 499 employees); 50+ employees in California

  • Fully Self-funding (500+ employees)

Customer service representatives to assist with application submission and group enrollment

800 number for direct access

On-site throughout the country

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Enrolling Your Employees & Managing Employee Health Benefits

Harbor America's® health benefits data is integrated with your company's HR and payroll data which significantly simplifies administration and ACA compliance. This allows employers to manage all of your health benefits in one place! You can automate your payroll benefits deductions and do your ACA compliance analysis because the Harbor Marketplace can automatically enforce contribution limits for all of your benefits. We can also set up pre-tax deductions for all of your benefits and update them whenever employees change their contributions.

The Harbor Marketplace gives you and your employees complete access to all of your employees' information in a simple to use online portal. In addition to enrolling new employees, you can manage your employees benefits by completing a couple of steps online.

Harbor Marketplace Employer Portal:
  • Review coverage status for all employees
  • Manage HSA, FSA, HRA benefits
  • Enroll new employees in health benefits
  • Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines
  • Estimate benefit costs for future employees
  • Run employer and employee health benefit reports

Offer Your Employees Powerful Self-Service Tools:

(Not available in California at this time.)

Employees get their own portal to manage their health benefits rather than waiting to talk to brokers, HR staff or other employer staff. No more paper forms to complete or searching for forms. Your employees can enroll in benefits and get resources and update their information directly online.

Harbor Marketplace Employee Portal:
  • Compare and select plans during open enrollment
  • Employees can enroll themselves and their dependents in health benefits through our online on-boarding process
  • Update contribution levels
  • Review benefits and plan details at any time
  • Update personal employee information
  • Find ID card numbers and print insurance ID cards
  • Sign and store all health benefit administration documents

Harbor America Marketplace

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